Haimen Huahai Marine Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.
company advantage

Company Profile

Beautiful environment, clean and tidy, spacious and advanced factory area is the foundation of Huahai's quality; a warm, united and harmonious working atmosphere is the basic guarantee of Huahai's development.

feature of product

With novel and unique product design and advanced craftsmanship, Huahai pays equal attention to both appearance and quality, and builds a comprehensive ship manufacturing enterprise integrating development, design and manufacturing.

professional team

Founded in 1994, the company has strong scientific research strength, sufficient talent reserves, advanced corporate culture, visionary leaders and foresighted organizations.

Service purposes

Huahai always adheres to the policy of quality-oriented and service-oriented, and takes the production of high-quality products and providing customers with one-stop service as its development purpose, so that customers can be relieved, assured and satisfied.

- Operational capacity -
Domestic express logistics
Domestic iron and water transport
Domestic truck transportation
Foreign trade water and air transport