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life-saving rations
life-saving rations

life-saving rations

Selected raw materials, delicate taste, crispy and delicious, moderate hardness, high energy, high nutrition, easy to carry,
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Product Details

Product number:HHB-01

product name:life-saving rations

Net Content\/Specification:500-550g (16 pieces)

Shelf life:3-5 years

Product Ingredients:Wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, maltose, etc.

Food Additives:Ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, milk powder flavor

Storage method: dry

Product Analysis:

Life-saving rations, each ration contains 16 pieces, swallowed when hungry,

Eat one piece at a time, no more than 6 pieces in 24 hours, and the water intake per 24 hours should not exceed 500ml. (Do not drink sea water)

This product is mainly used as a spare on the life raft for the personnel on the life raft to maintain the necessary daily heat.

The rations in the lifeboat are packed in airtight packaging and stored in a waterproof container, with a rated occupant of not less than 10,000 kJ of heat per person.




Per 100 grams

Nutrient percentage


2075 kJ (kj)

25 percent


6.9 grams (g)

12 percent


21.9 grams (g)

37 percent


67.5 grams (g)

23 percent


356mg (mg)

18 percent

Salinity less than or equal to 0.2% Moisture less than or equal to 5%

total energy

Greater than or equal to 10000 kJ


1. Quickly replenish necessary energy 4. Reasonable nutritional structure and good palatability

2. Small size, high energy 5. Easy to digest and absorb

3. Easy to carry 6. Safe and hygienic, durable for storage

certified product:

Has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification

Has passed ISO22000:2018 food safety management system certification

Executive standard:

GB/T20980-2007   ISO18813:2006

In line with MSC.218(82), the International Life-Saving Appliance Code is greater than (LSA Code) Amendment

Food production license number: SC10632068400911

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