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Radar reflector TJ-560
Radar reflector TJ-560

Radar reflector TJ-560

It is a foldable, inflatable and inflatable radar reflector. It is a necessary accessory for rafts. It is an omnidirectional passive device that enhances the echo of small radar targets and is used for rescue at sea.
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Product Details

Product number:TJ-560

Reflective Properties:280 degrees

Reflection range:Greater than or equal to 7.5㎡

Validity period:5 years

Storage method:Should be stored in  dry place to avoid contact with acid and alkali items


1. The radar reflector should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid the intrusion of acid and alkali items.

2. After unpacking and opening, it must be re-packed with a vacuum seal in a plastic bag.

3. The metal composite fabric on the surface of the reflective mesh should not be broken or fallen off to avoid collision and heavy pressure from sharp objects.

Instructions for use:

1. Take the radar reflector out of the plastic sealing bag.

2. Use an inflator or mouth to inflate until the ball is elastic (do not inflate too much). If you inflate with air, it should be done slowly to avoid damage to the reflective material in the ball.

3. For life rafts, it should be placed outside the canopy (select the high point) or the highest point in the raft.

4. This product must be checked with lifeboats and rafts every year to check whether the reflective material inside the ball is free

Damaged, the sphere has no obvious leakage is qualified.

5. The radar reflector should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid contact with acid and alkali, oil, etc. in the environment and bath-type chemical products that damage the radar reflector. Mixed storage with corrosive gases should avoid collision with sharp objects. Heavy pressure.

Performance meets:

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 and its amendments, chapter III, regulations 4, 34 and technical requirements of ISO 8729-2010.

ISO8729-2010 Marine and Offshore Technology Marine radar reflectors greater than

CCS Approval Certificate No.: SH21PTB00076

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