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Stairs in distress? Liferafts help you with a first aid kit


At 8:28 a.m. on May 19, the Tianxingzhou Coast Guard Law Enforcement Brigade of Wuhan Qingshan Maritime Office received a call from the command center of Wuhan Maritime Safety Administration. Two crew members were injured in the waters of Qingshan and needed emergency assistance.

The maritime law enforcement officers acted quickly to open the boat to the waters where the incident occurred. After 5 minutes, the coast patrol boat successfully docked with the incident ship, and the maritime officers immediately helped the two injured crew members to board the Shanghai patrol boat and then drove away.

The stairs on the ship were narrow, and two people accidentally fell from the stairs, causing one to be injured on the face and one to be injured on the wrist. While sailing to the shore, the marine patrol boat contacted a nearby hospital to rescue the injured crew members. After 5 minutes, the marine patrol boat The boat berthed smoothly, and the maritime law enforcement officers quickly assisted the injured crew members to disembark and head to the vehicle location. Due to the timely assistance, the two injured crew members were no longer in serious condition.

The stairs on the boat are narrow, you must be careful up and down, improve safety awareness, and pay attention to personal safety.

Long time at sea, colds, fevers and injuries from falls are inevitable. However, due to the lack or lack of targeted conventional medicines and equipment, some minor ailments that are otherwise curable can be dragged into serious and even life-threatening diseases. According to the person in charge of the Zhoushan Red Cross Society, a fisherman on the boat was accidentally hit on the back of the head by a fish plate. Due to the lack of first aid hemostatic drugs and timely first aid measures, he lost too much blood and died unfortunately. Life is precious! I don't know The accident and which will come first. For life safety, please equip a first aid kit. Our life raft first aid kit includes tourniquets, 3-angle bandages, gauze, cotton wool, erythromycin ointment, painkillers and other common medicines And items, you can meet your own rescue and protect your life safety!