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What are life-saving rations?


Life-saving rations are also known as life-saving biscuits, compressed biscuits, first-aid dry food, and life-raft rations.

Biscuits, a very common food, are two different things from the maritime industry, but in fact, there is a great relationship between the two.

We have an old saying in China, "The sky is unpredictable, and people have disasters and blessings." No one knows which one will come first. Since the birth of human beings, they have been fighting with the gods, and our ancestors have been fighting against natural disasters. A lot of experience and knowledge have been accumulated in man-made disasters, among which food reserves are extremely important. In wars, ships charge on the front line, and the casualty rate is high. If the ship sinks, the soldiers who are lucky to escape depends on the situation. Some can be rescued immediately, while others are not. You can only save yourself or wait for the rescue of friendly troops. Considering this situation, the troops have prepared escape equipment for the soldiers, including life-saving rations, to help the soldiers in distress as much as possible to maintain their lives and wait for rescue. They also go to sea and voyage, except for natural disasters and typhoons , the influence of bad weather, and the danger of human factors such as collision and sinking of ships, pirates, etc., when unexpected dangers come, there must be a lot of peace of mind with food in the bag.

The biggest advantages of our life-saving rations are small size, high energy, good taste and easy to carry, reasonable nutritional structure, good palatability, easy to digest and absorb, safe and hygienic, resistant to storage, and can quickly replenish necessary energy. Necessary life-saving equipment.