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The importance of life-saving drinking water


When you take the subway after work, have you ever thought that there will be a flood surrounding you? It may sound like a fantasy, but it is the recent experience of many passengers in Zhengzhou, Henan. The sudden heavy rain has seriously affected many places in Henan. It's hard to imagine how people who have lived in big cities for a long time should deal with such a sudden natural disaster. Many people have seen online videos of passengers on Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 being besieged by floodwater. The rising water level is approaching the necks of passengers! Outside the car window The water level is relatively high. A woman took a video with a mobile phone and cried while crying: This may be the last WeChat message I sent! Ms. Li, a passenger on Line 5, experienced this shocking moment. She Said that after work yesterday afternoon, it was already past 6:00, and I planned to take the subway line 5 to go home. 20 minutes later, the moving subway suddenly stopped. At this time, there were not many passengers on the subway, and the rainstorm warning made many people in advance. Leave or hide at home. At first, a dozen passengers in the carriage were very curious, and never encountered a sudden stop of the subway. Is it a circuit problem, or is there an obstacle ahead?

However, at this moment, the car suddenly started to fill with water. A female passenger screamed, and people noticed that the water on the ground rose rapidly, and soon submerged the ankles of the passengers. Everyone knew that it was raining heavily outside, and they all guessed Water must have entered the subway. However, people believe that the drainage system of the subway can definitely solve this problem, but wet shoes are really annoying. Many people even start thinking about going home and telling their family about their strange experience in the subway. At this time, People didn't expect a bigger disaster to come! Another half an hour later, at 7:20, the vehicle still didn't move, but the water in the car was getting higher and higher! With a click, the lights in the car went out, and people in the dark Suddenly panic. Just now, the lights can give people a sense of security. At this time, the darkness makes people suddenly feel scared! Many passengers hold up their mobile phones and turn on the flashlight function of their mobile phones. In the dim light, everyone sees the car in horror The water was up to the shoulders. Some of the shorter passengers had their necks in the water, so they had to lift their heads and continue to breathe.

At this time, people were trapped in subway cars dozens of meters underground with rising water outside. Some female passengers began to cry, worried that they would not be able to get help. More passengers had been calling for help for a long time, and there were also calls and calls for help. Video to relatives. At that time, many local friends were reposting the situation of Metro Line 5, and a rescue operation was brewing. However, the people trapped in the subway cars did not know that their situation was getting worse. Except for the rising water level The huge psychological pressure brought about by the lack of food and drinking water has also become a very important problem, but the oxygen in the train is getting less and less, which is even more deadly. The most important thing at this time is persistence. If you can persevere, you will You can wait for rescue and have a chance to survive! More than 2 hours later, at 8:10, firefighters came to the carriage where the passengers were trapped. There was cheering in the carriage. Everyone knew that their relatives were coming and they were saved At this time, the heavy rain gradually decreased, and the water level in the carriage began to drop. The passengers were rescued one by one, expressing their gratitude to the firefighters. The situation at that time was not determined. Now it is heartening to know that 12 people were killed in the subway that day. Broken! Water can carry a boat and capsize it. Water can turn into tsunamis and floods, swallowing people's lives, but water is the source of people's lives, and it is impossible without water. Sailing at sea can be as little as a few months, As long as 23 years, life rafts must be equipped with our life-saving drinking water, which can save lives in emergency situations. Our life-saving drinking water is soft water in bags, tested by raw water, multi-media filtration, activated carbon filtration, fine filtration, reverse osmosis , ozone sterilization and other processes. It is very safe and convenient.