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life-saving drinking water
life-saving drinking water

life-saving drinking water

Emergency rescue and life-saving drinking water, life-saving hope in an emergency, it is better to not use it for a thousand days than to be unprepared for one day
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Product Details

Product number:HHS-01

product name:life-saving drinking water

Shelf life:3-5 years

Product Ingredients:water

Net Content\/Specification:500mL (5×100mL)

Storage method:dry

Product Analysis:

Life-saving drinking water, also known as emergency drinking water. This product is mainly used as a spare on the life raft to maintain the daily energy for the personnel on the life raft.

It is a traditional practice to equip the life raft with bagged water, and it is also a widely used method. One bag of 5 packs, each pack of 100ml, can be stored at room temperature.

Generally, according to rationing needs, it is divided into bags of water with the same specifications. The bag body is made of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant film material. When using, simply tear it open and drink it.

Usually there is no maintenance requirement, just use it within the warranty period (3-5 years).

In the first 24 hours after entering the survival craft, do not drink fresh water, unless you are injured or sick. After that, each person should not exceed 500mL per 24 hours. When the fresh water is about to be exhausted, each person should not exceed 100ml per 24 hours. (Do not drink seawater! )



The life-saving drinking water is made from raw water inspection → multi-media filtration → activated carbon filtration → fine filtration → reverse osmosis → ozone sterilization and other multi-process inspections.

certified product:

Has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification

Has passed ISO22000:2018 food safety management system certification

Executive standard:

GB19298-2014  ISO18813:2006

In line with MSC.218(82), the International Life-Saving Appliance Code is greater than (LSA Code) Amendment

Food production license number: SC10632068400911

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